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Zero Waste & Optimum Tea Storage

What is the best way to store your loose leaf tea or coffee beans? And how can you reduce the use of plastic packaging involved in buying tea or coffee? Are there any zero waste solutions? Yes there is!

We spoke about why switching to loose leaf is one of the best steps you can take when it comes to cutting plastic out of your tea time in our previous blog making the switch to loose leaf. But you can achieve optimum storage for your tea and coffee with the bonus of no wasted plastic by using tea caddies or tins. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your precious leaves tasting their best for as long as possible whilst cutting down on the carbon footprint.

If you have bought tea from us you will know that we sell it in foil lined bags, and that our tea is stored in tins, this is to protect the leaves inside from any outside conditions which may affect the flavour and longevity. What are some other important factors and ways to consider when storing your tea? Well it is very important that tea leaves are kept away from- light, heat, moisture and humidity and also any strong odours!

The best way to store tea if you are intending to keep it for a long time is in an airtight tin (glass storage jars will not protect it from light which can fade the flavour) and in a cool or room temperature place. Tea leaves have the ability to absorb odours and moisture from the air so a nice tea tin really is the perfect solution to keeping it fresh, especially if your tea is in a kitchen area! And the best part is these are reusable time and time again.

Many of you are starting to bring in your own containers and have us fill them here which we are happy to do. We also have lots of beautiful tea caddies and tins for sale in our shop and online, from small to large, plain or patterned. These are great as you can bring them in to be refilled when needed, so as well as being the optimum storage solution it is also environmentally friendly!

See below to see just some of the tins we have available right now, we have more which we will be adding to our accessories section in the future.




If you have any questions about how to get the best out of your tea time please don’t hesitate to message or pop in and ask us, we’re happy to help!
See you soon!

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