Bombilla and calabash on wooden board with mate tea

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a popular drink in parts of the world like Central Southern America. Enjoyed in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Southern Brazil for years because of its uplifting qualities, it is actually more popular than coffee in these countries. Now a days it is becoming a popular drink world wide and for good reasons.

What is Yerba Mate?

Yerba mate plant
Yerba Mate Plant ( Ilex Paraguariensis )

Yerba Mate ( pronounced yer-bah mar-tay ) is made with the dried leaves of the Ilex Paraguariensis plant, a member of the holly family. Traditionally leaves are steeped in hot water and passed around in a hollowed out calabash gourd then consumed using a bombilla, a straw with a filter which separates the leaves from the liquor. These days gourds are still used to drink from but a variety of other materials are used such a ceramic.

Two metal bombilla straws on wooden tray
Two styles of bombilla straws for drinking yerba mate.

Yerba Mate vs Coffee

Yerba Mate is a herbal infusion, rather than a true tea ( which is always made from the Camellia Sinensis family of plants) however the plant and drink contain a large amount of natural caffeine. Close to or as much as coffee even!

However the caffeine present in mate is more steadily released than the caffeine in coffee. This means that you don’t get the jitters or caffeine crash associated with coffee. This is why mate is great if you need a sustained pick me up or long term stamina.

Health Benefits

As well as being a great alternative to coffee, yerba mate has many health benefits too! In fact it…

  • Contains vitamins C and E as well as minerals like selenium and zinc.
  • Is naturally rich in antioxidants. These counteract free radicals in the body which are linked to ageing, heart issues, cancer amongst other things.
  • Can help with metabolism and weight management. A compound present in yerba mate called actinobacterium affects how the body digests fat. This is the reason you will find it as an ingredient in many “diet” teas.
  • Contains saponins, a natural compound with anti inflammatory properties.
  • Is good for bone health. Some studies suggest that people who drink it long term have increased bone density when compared to those who don’t.

These are just some of the notable health benefits. It is worth noting that because of the very high caffeine content it might be wise to enjoy in moderation if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure. Check with your medical advisor if you are unsure. It is also a good idea to let it cool down a little before enjoying, drinking piping hot drinks regularly can be bad for your oesophagus.

Our selection

We have several yerba mate choices to offer, from pure and plain to flavoured with fruits and spices. Which one you enjoy most will depend on your personal taste!

Yerba Mate Green

This is yerba mate of Brazilian origin with nothing else added to it. Plain, pure and with a fresh natural leafy taste.

Yerba mate green
Yerba mate green

Mate Mexico

The scent, taste and appearance of this mate is exceptional. Brazilian mate leaves combined with blackberry leaves. apple cubes, mango flakes, banana chips, tangerine and marigold blossoms.

Mate Mexico
Mate Mexico

Yerba Mate Cinnamon

This mate blend is simple, stimulating and warming. With just two ingredients … mate leaves and cinnamon. Perfect for winter mornings or anybody who wants to start their day with a little kick to it.

Yerba Mate Cinnamon
Yerba Mate Cinnamon

Mate Sweet Orange

This blend has some roasted mate leaves which give an extra depth of flavour. Add to that a pinch of liquorice, aromatic sweet orange blossoms and orange peel and we have a winning combination. A great blend if you like sweet but tangy flavours!

Mate Sweet Orange
Mate Sweet Orange

These are our most popular yerba mates. We do have others and seasonal ones which you can find on our website, or our facebook page where you can keep up to date with our newest teas.

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