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Top 10 Christmas Teas and Coffees

With over 30 amazing seasonal teas and coffees to choose from, it can be overwhelming ! That is why we’ve created this list of our top 10 Christmas tea and coffees recommendations!

Please be aware that many of our Christmas tea blends have nuts in them, so be sure to check the ingredients, and if you do have a nut allergy you can choose from our selection of ones that don’t.

1 . Christmas Stollen Black Tea

Christmas Stollen

Christmas Stollen Black Tea the perfect blend for anybody who enjoys tea and Christmas cake! Black tea leaves with freeze dried marzipan drops which melt in your cup. Sultanas, sliced almonds, orange and almonds make this a perfectly sweet festive treat.

2. Christmas Coffee

Our Christmas Coffee is a blend of perfectly seasonal plum and cinnamon, on a base of south american arabica beans. Sure to please anyone who like a good coffee and a bit of festive cheer!

3. Mr Grinch Herbal Infusion

mr grinch herbal infusion

Don not let the name of this blend fool you, it will bring joy to even the grouchiest of hearts! Mr Grinch, a caffeine free herbal blend which is sweet and warming! Wintery ingredients such as apple, ginger, star anise, black pepper and liquorice root make this a tasty tea. The sprinkle of butterfly pea flowers mean the tea turns a funky green grinch colour without any nasty additives.

4. Gingerbread Men’s Christmas Wishes Rooibos

Gingerbread Men's Christmas

Gingerbread Men’s Christmas Wishes Rooibos is one of the cutest teas around. Caffeine free Rooibos filled with chunks of caramel, apple, hazelnuts, cinnamon rods, pink peppercorns and last but not least … gingerbread men and snow flake shaped sugar sprinkles!

5. Rum Lumumba Coffee

Rum Lumumba

Mmmm Rum Lumumba Coffee is alcohol free despite the name, but certainly not flavour free. Based on a drink called a lumumba which consists of chocolate, cream and a shot of rum. All of these favours blend nicely with the rich arabica coffee beans.

6. Christmas Tree Sencha

christmas tree sencha

Christmas Tree Sencha is a green tea with a yule twist. Delicate Green tea leaves, sliced almonds, pink peppercorns and orange slices make this a tea that is as delightful and refreshing as a walk through a winter wonderland.

7. Gingerbread Coffee

Gingerbread Coffee

Gingerbread coffee isall the flavours and spices of the season combined in one fantastic coffee. Aromatic and spicy, warming and sweet… We recommend trying this while you can, especially if you like a strongly flavoursome coffee.

8. Winter Parfait Black Tea

Winter Parfait Black Tea is always a favourite amongst our customers and we are pleased to say it has returned for another year! Black tea and a little Oolong tea are decorated with plenty of star anise, cinnamon rods, fruity pieces, almonds. Freeze dried yogurt granules add a creamy element to this tea, making it reminiscent of the pudding it is named after.

10. Mulled Wine Fruit Infusion

Mulled Wine Fruit Infusion

Mulled Wine Fruit Infusion has to be in the top 10! a firm favourite with customer for several years in a row! This fruit infusion always packs a punch with intensely fruity notes that replicate the spiced wine drink so beloved on a cold winter evening. This version is alcohol free but you are welcome to add your own if you wish!

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