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Keeping Coffee Fresh : How to store coffee.

What is the best way to store coffee?

What is the best way to store coffee? A common question amongst coffee lovers. Once you’ve bought your coffee you want to keep its maximum flavour until you brew it right? Here we will show you how to keep your coffee tasting its freshest and discuss what affects it’s flavour.

Whole beans or ground ?

We offer our coffees as whole beans or freshly ground, but which is better? It does depend on personal preference and many people like to grind their coffee right before brewing. Keep it as whole beans and you will preserve some of the flavour, but unless you are confident in your grinding ability we would recommend having it ground in store using the professional equipment available. Getting the correct grind for your coffee will improve the end result by a lot.

Should I keep coffee in the freezer?

The short answer to the age old debate, in our opinion, is no. Storing in the freezer is an option if you are storing a very large amount of coffee for a while. Vacuum packed sealed bags would be needed (any break in the packaging and the coffee will absorb moisture). This is also only a good option if you are not going to be taking it in and out of the freezer. Changing the temperature of the beans frequently will change the flavour drastically.

So where should I keep my coffee?

The ideal place to store your coffee, whether ground or beans is in an air tight tin canister or caddy. To preserve the best flavour keep the container somewhere cool and dry. Make sure your container is opaque and not a glass one. Exposure to light fades coffees flavour! We recommend buying smaller amounts of coffee frequently so it is always as fresh as can be.

Have a look at these …

We have lots of lovely and practical containers in store and also in our accessories section. Here you will find a selection of air tight tins that are perfect for storing coffee, tea or anything you might want to keep fresh.

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Van Gogh Sunflowers Tin
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Crazy Cats Tin

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