Fantastic place with a great selection of tea and coffee and very friendly and knowledgeable staff love going to buy my tea and coffee definitely worth a visit
Connor Fitzhenry
Connor F.
It’s Tea - It’s excellent! Brilliant friendly and knowledgeable staff. Fantastic range of products.
Eric Gilbert
Eric G.
Large selection of tea and some coffee. Helpful staff. Resonable prices.
Krzysztof Szymański
Krzysztof S.
I went in with really no idea what I wanted - the owner(?) was very knowledgeable and helped me find some blends I liked! Haven't tried one of the blends yet, but the vanilla one I got is delicious and exactly what I wanted. I'd definitely recommend for anyone trying to figure out what teas they prefer!
Ben Gray
Ben G.
If its tea you are after then this is the shop for you! Everything tea ( some coffee) Simply beautiful.
Christine Brown
Christine B.
Great little tea shop with huge selection of teas and coffees with very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
magda shewry
magda S.
Awesome little tea shop with a great range of fresh loose tea and coffee beans for all occasions. Really knowledgeable staff with a real passion for the product
Alistair Williams
Alistair W.
Best little tea shop in town!!!
Jana Langdown
Jana L.

It's Tea
Based on 68 reviews
Glorious teas and coffees delivered promptly and beautifully presented - so delightful that I not only ordered a box for myself but for various friends and family members too!
Tamsin Rowe
Tamsin R.
10:01 12 May 20
Best customer service and most delicious teas! Cannot live without them!!
Lindsay Allen Silsby
Lindsay Allen S.
15:37 04 May 20
Fabulous shop and lovely people 🙂
Paul John Lott
Paul John L.
19:18 24 Jan 20
Fabulous Peppermint tea. Best I've tried. Will be back!
Claire Kille
Claire K.
12:51 27 Dec 19
Fantastic range of teas, I ended up walking away with 14 types of loose leaf tea and have yet to be disappointed by any of them. I would highly recommend this store.It's not just a store for people who already know and love loose leaf, the staff are friendly and very helpful.
Samantha Robinson
Samantha R.
14:38 17 Nov 19
Nice shop - good friendly knowledgeable staff and service
Ian Wilson
Ian W.
19:58 14 Nov 19
I finally managed to cook be in this week for the first time.Lovely, friendly, ridiculously knowledgeable staff, who were more than happy to chat and take their time helping me choose some teas to my taste. I ended up buying a jasmine tea, high grown Ceylon and Scottish Afternoon Tea.Thank you all, I'm definitely coming back!
Mark Burgess
Mark B.
21:52 25 Oct 19
The atmosphere, layout and service are amazing. Love the tea I bought and definitely will be back again 💚
Patrycja Adrianna Mackiewicz
Patrycja Adrianna M.
18:56 25 Oct 19
I often like to buy tea in bulk from It's Tea. - Especially when I don't have the chance to go in person. It always lasts me a fair time, while I also have the freedom of picking which tea I fancy at the time. Not to mention they have a beautiful selection of both teas as well as infusions, if you're looking for something that doesn't have caffeine inside!The people working there are absolutely lovely, delightful and always happy to lend a hand! Giving tips and ideas, listening to your preferences before giving suggestions as to what you might like from their selections? I really do find them absolutely delightful in every way possible. As for their online shop, it's beautiful, easy to navigate, not to mention that every tea has a proper description and little themes, so you can determine whether you'll like the blend or not. Their delivery is also incredibly quick! I was shocked since I only ordered my tea a few days ago and it's come in today, I'm so happy. It's clear that they put a lot of effort into their selections too, whether it's little cute drawings on labels, or the ingredients and description of teas on the back of the bag (Which I find so useful whenever friends ask me what's inside, or if I'm looking for a tea with a specific ingredient inside!) Truly it feels personalised and as if they really care about their customers.The quality of the tea is also exceptionally high. It makes supermarket teas pale in comparison and shame; since I've been buying teas from It's Tea, I simply don't find bagged teas the same. You know how when you smell bagged teas they smell so good, but the taste is dull compared to the scent? The teas at It's Tea are out of the world in comparison! They're strong blends so you really don't have to use much at all, the smells are so delightful and the flavour blooms with every sip! I truly recommend this to any tea lover who's looking for that little bit of extra warmth in their life. The teas are also incredibly affordable and a little goes a long way! Truly in love with this beautiful shop; both whenever I get to visit or whenever I have a chance to buy things online. They never cease to amaze me, I'm always excited to see what new blends they have in stock, their customer service is phenomenal and you can always expect a smile when ordering with them!If you're on the fence about buying tea there, I really suggest going into the shop, talking to the people who work there and giving the teas a smell! You might find something in there that will make you fall in love with tea, a sweet little experience that'll touch your heart. The experience is worth every penny, it really is.
Diana Ochendowska
Diana O.
12:40 18 Oct 19
Amazing service. So knowledgable and the yummiest tea!!! Would really recommend for either yourself or lovely prezzies!
Jenna Ray
Jenna R.
11:46 22 Jul 19
Perfect customer service from Tamzin. Lovely place, would deffo recommend.
Shannon Witeaka Moreau
Shannon Witeaka M.
17:00 03 Jun 19
Super friendly and helpful staff. I am so pleased to have discovered this shop. It came highly recommended and didn't disappoint.
Natasha Isla C Evans
Natasha Isla C E.
16:48 01 Jun 19
great place with an amazing teas
Karina Al-Mohsin
Karina A.
13:55 21 May 19
Very helpful and informative staff, puts a lot of other retailers to shame. Will definitely be visiting again.
Jo Ross
Jo R.
15:25 24 Apr 19
Personal service and fab quality. Fabulous owners.
Alex Baczkiewicz
Alex B.
18:17 06 Feb 19
Lovely little shop with great customer service!
Vikki Douglas
Vikki D.
17:15 27 Jan 19
It is great pleace to go to buy a perfect tea and accessories. Very friendly and helpful staff and owners.
Alisa Bak
Alisa B.
22:56 15 Nov 18
Just bought some Swiss decaf coffee and some rooibos tea to take home to Brighton
Jay Kendall
Jay K.
10:38 28 Aug 18
Spot on recommendation of the China Keemun tea today � could be my new favourite! Thanks.
Karl Newitt
Karl N.
12:10 06 Aug 18
Wow!!!!just come back from holiday in dorset-my sister took me to this little shop-brought fews different green tea they are amazing.lady who work there is so nice and know hers just upset we don't have This shop in Kendal but I'm sure I will order more online when my tea is finnish!!!amazing!!!!
Asia Kowalska
Asia K.
11:06 03 Jun 18
I've fallen in love with this tiny quaint shop! The smell is divine and the staff are so so helpful!
Rosie Jones
Rosie J.
21:21 02 Jun 18
Have been a few times and have enjoyed every one I’ve had.However their tasting evening was phenomenal! I’m not going to be able to enjoy ‘normal’ tea again! Was both informative and entertaining, I could listen to them talk about tea all night!Definitely well worth a visit!
Daniel Warburton
Daniel W.
21:47 17 May 18
Fabulous shop! With passionate staff who are so knowledgable! With top quality product this shop is a hidden gem �
Sandra Dale
Sandra D.
20:18 17 May 18
It was my first visit last weekend. This is a super shop. I bought 5 different teas and received excellent guidance on which ones to choose based on my past tastes. Thank you.
Liz Stevenson
Liz S.
20:23 24 Apr 18
Went into the shop for first time today. The smell as u walk in is divine. The selection of teas is amazing, came away with 3 different ones for starters and a new mug. So helpful and willing to give u the time u need to explain them all and help decide. Think it will become a regular shopping place.
Debs Burden
Debs B.
15:23 17 Feb 18
Preslava Nacheva
Preslava N.
13:56 01 Feb 18
After my friend told me all about this amazing shop we knew we had to go together, so last week we treated ourselves and went! Wow, it was just incredible, from the service, to the Tea's and Coffee's... If you're a Tea and Coffee drinker you have to visit this little gem, you wont be disappointed! Thank you ladies and see you soon! 🙂
Jen Lamb
Jen L.
08:23 17 Dec 17
Magdalena Dz
Magdalena D.
00:53 13 Nov 17
Im a coffee person, cant say about the tea... But the coffee is outstanding. Tried a few types, never even slightly disappointed. Great shop!!
Richard Ingram
Richard I.
18:10 09 Jul 17
Laura Saunders
Laura S.
11:03 25 Jun 17
Such an awesome shop, and the staff are so knowledgeable and helpful. Not just a huge selection of teas but fresh ground coffees and accessories too. What's not to love!
Siobhan Erin Neil O'Thwaites
Siobhan Erin Neil O.
15:12 22 Jun 17
Monika Małkowska
Monika M.
06:24 03 Jun 17
Amazing! Have got christmas gifts here three years in a row and have always been very helpful and well stocked.Amazing range of tea and coffee and the flavoured sugar crystals are amazing!
Cassidy Jade Darby
Cassidy Jade D.
17:48 02 Jun 17
This is such a lovely shop and if Tea is your thing you honestly will not find a bigger selection of different kinds. It's all on display so you can look and smell as many as you like. They sell coffee too.
Carrie Hall
Carrie H.
17:23 06 May 17
Popped in today and felt very welcome, great recommendations of the fruit tea. Will definitely use again �
Mark Robbins
Mark R.
12:58 31 Mar 17
This is the best Tea Shop i have ever stumbled across, a ridiculous range that is made a lot more manageable thanks to the knowledgeable staff! Plus you had the Nepalese Tea i was after, and it's an absolute winner, yeah, i'm WELL CHUFFED!
James LeRouge
James L.
21:07 22 Mar 17
Excellent service, fabulous choice of teas and coffee . What a find .
Karen Robertson
Karen R.
16:58 18 Mar 17
Amazing! Very friendly and knowledgeable! Just enjoyed a nice cup of Happy Colada tea, recommended!
Sophie Miles
Sophie M.
20:57 04 Mar 17
Visited the shop on my holiday last summer and fell love straight away. So much good tea there, and great service. I would give 5 stars if they would reply to my emails.
Alex Joseph
Alex J.
23:34 19 Feb 17
Maria Osika
Maria O.
10:14 29 Nov 16
Popped in today & the service was amazing, both ladies were so attentive & full of interesting information! I'll be sure to return!! Also be dropping hints to my hubby for Christmas!! Excellent shop - well worth a visit! � � �
Tara-Louisa Chamberlain
Tara-Louisa C.
15:07 18 Nov 16
Such an awesome selection, and the girl was incredibly helpful. I'm definitely looking forward to my next visit 🙂
Rob 'Beaker' Green
Rob 'Beaker' G.
10:37 18 Nov 16
Carla Beverley
Carla B.
12:41 15 Oct 16
Best place in town! Lovely atmosphere and lovely staff! 🙂 I'll be visiting again!
Louie Love
Louie L.
17:08 11 Oct 16
Keep coming back for that extra special thing you can't get elsewhere!!
Paul Read
Paul R.
09:28 23 Sep 16
Ewa Jakacka
Ewa J.
20:58 11 Aug 16
Fantastic little shop. If you are a tea fanatic then please come to this little shop, with so much too offer. Fantastic service amazing range of tea's there's a selection of coffees too.
Nicky Burton
Nicky B.
14:42 07 Jul 16
Excellent knowledge and advice from the staff in this shop. Bought a lovely range of different teas to try.
Annie Humphrey
Annie H.
12:58 07 Jul 16
Delightful shop with expert advice and help to choose a great tea. These teas are to savour and enjoy on every level. The most exquisite cups and mugs which add to the experience are on display and for sale. They range in price so there is something for everyone who enjoys a quality product.
Cherylene le Brun
Cherylene le B.
08:59 06 Jul 16
The shop is very authentic which provides a genuine sense of occasion. There is plenty on offer, and I mean plenty! The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and have a lot of passion for their products. The tea is high quality. Now I wont be going anywhere else for my tea. Thanks, It's Tea, you are doing a really good job.
Roger Cole
Roger C.
18:32 06 Jun 16
Great selection of teas, coffees and accessories! I would recommend to anyone and definitely will be coming back.
Justyna Teo
Justyna T.
18:33 28 Apr 16
Wonderful shop and visually old style delight. Super informative about their teas too. Amuse visit shop.
John St John Smith
John St John S.
16:25 15 Mar 16
Lovely shop, bought Assam Dagapur (just had a cup - delicious), English blend, and some Maharani - which smells just like a sweet shop. I will spend much longer here next time. Friendly and very knowledgeable people, see you again soon x
Corrinne Lamb
Corrinne L.
18:31 09 Mar 16
Lovely shop. Lots of types of loose tea. Small selection of coffee beans. Vast selection of tea pots and tea sets, China mugs and cups. Something to suit everyone. Excellent customer service, warm and friendly staff. Definitely recommend a visit you won't be disappointed.
Samantha Redgate
Samantha R.
19:10 27 Feb 16
First visit today, was delighted! Helpful & knowledgeable staff & a wide range of delicious smelling teas. Even got to try one instore!
Hannah Hulbert
Hannah H.
20:20 26 Feb 16
Kerry Louise Ottewell
Kerry Louise O.
21:43 21 Jan 16
Went on recommendation and wasn't disappointed! Picked up a great gift and will definitely go back.....
Kathryn Louise
Kathryn L.
15:41 21 Dec 15
My favourite green tea shop! I love the selection of Japanese green tea.
Anna Cribb
Anna C.
11:31 17 Dec 15
I can take lesson about any brand of tea or coffee and then to buy it there.
Vlod Majek
Vlod M.
01:27 28 Sep 15
Eliza Karbowniczek-Wiszniewska
Eliza K.
17:10 26 Mar 15
What a beautiful, magical little shop! It smells and looks divine; full of wonderful teas and coffees and other treats. And Alex is so charming and knowledgable about all of them! I would certainly recommend this delightful place to anyone who has taste and style!
Diane Horton
Diane H.
19:03 24 Mar 15
I made a pilgrimage here today with the intention of buying one or two teas. I left with nine! The staff were so enthusiastic and knowledgable: plus the teas are so much more than what you can get in a supermarket. With around 160 teas of every description, it's like a connoisseurs paradise! Superb.
David Ferns
David F.
15:31 21 Mar 15
Just visited this lovely shop and didn't want to leave. The lady in there was very helpful and friendly snd showed me the HUGE selection of Teas & Coffees.
Alex Lake
Alex L.
11:09 10 Mar 15
What a lovely shop full of beautifully tasting teas and coffees from around the world.Very friendly and knowledgeable.They will give you a sample to try.Thoroughly recommend a visit.
Caroline Hearne
Caroline H.
15:32 07 Mar 15
Fabulous to have such a great shop in our area. Super helpful and friendly team. Teas, drinking chocolates and coffees are first class. Highly recommended!
Patrick Keats
Patrick K.
17:24 01 Mar 15
Magical place with awesome atmosphere, lots of wonderful teas and awesome stuff knowing answers to everything!
Lucia Petrová
Lucia P.
20:50 28 Feb 15
Exceptional service. Michael had a vast and impressive knowledge and is clearly passionate about teas and coffee. An incredible selection of teas. Highly recommended.
Laurie Clark
Laurie C.
11:08 28 Feb 15
Yesterday, I eventually made a trip to the little gem 'It's Tea' on our Ashley Road, WOW, what an amazing shop. The lady couldn't have been more helpful, so much knowledge and so kind. Thanks for being lovely to my little one, he hasn't stopped talking about you. I made my purchases and my gift for my mum's 70th, she wrapped beautifully. I've now tried my teas and yummy doesn't do them justice. I'll be a frequent shopper here I promise.Vicky Ray
Victoria Ray
Victoria R.
08:55 13 Feb 15
Amazing coffees. Loving the rum and cherry.
Kris Wingfield-Bennett
Kris W.
13:13 10 Jan 15
Aleksandra Podraza
Aleksandra P.
15:42 29 Dec 14
Peter Chylinski
Peter C.
10:57 24 Dec 14
Great selection of tea & coffee, the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly.
Ben Flewitt
Ben F.
13:03 23 Dec 14
I've been into its Tea twice now and the service and background info you get makes a real difference and you feel like you are buying into more than just coffee or tea if that's your tipple. I was offered a taste of the product, given plantation info from the gentleman and the lady that sorted my coffee beans was such a sweetheart and really went that extra mile. Excellent shop.
Paul M Piper
Paul M P.
16:03 13 Dec 14
Dropped into the shop today to pick up some tea for my sister and got chatting to the staff and happened to mention that I was having trouble sleeping. They recommended “Good Night” fruit tea and I thought, oh, this could make a nice change from the warm milk I had been trying. Now, I’ve never tried a fruit tea before and I had no idea what to expect. On the nose it smells lovely, your olfactory senses immediately pick up the tang of tea along with the aroma of a number of fruits, primarily blackcurrant and lemon with subtle hints of apple and orange. To taste the blackcurrant dominates, but it doesn’t overwhelm and you can taste the tea, and it has a lovely silky texture on the tongue which a fruit cordial cannot match. Importantly for me there is no bitterness, so even as someone who normally takes his tea with milk and sugar, the quality of this tea means it doesn’t need anything added. Now if it helps me sleep tonight as well I will be a happy bunny!
Matt Smith
Matt S.
01:21 05 Dec 14
Lovely shop and awesome staff. Great blends and very reasonable prices. I shall definitely be trying lots more products from this gorgeous place. It's Tea brings a breathe of beautifully scented fresh air to the usually slightly malodorous Parkstone. I really hope this business thrives.
Greta Garbo
Greta G.
10:46 26 Oct 14
Finally paid our first visit to this welcome addition to Ashley Road! Fabulous shop, the smell as you walk in is amazing, teas and coffees displayed beautifully and we were advised by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable lady. Finally narrowed down our choices and have been thoroughly enjoying them over the last few days - Turkish Honey coffee this morning has converted me to black coffee and drinking tea in the evening has become an occasion and a wine replacement (for now...) Cant wait to go back and try out some more, our new guilt free indulgence!
Lizzy Wilton-Patrick
Lizzy W.
09:26 04 Oct 14
Such friendly advice and very reasonable prices for an awesome range 😀 love it!!!
Vanessa Warwick
Vanessa W.
12:05 02 Sep 14
Elżbieta Domańska-Hołody
Elżbieta D.
19:03 10 Aug 14
Amazing selection, the staff are very knowledgeable in helping you choose 😀
Bruce Collier
Bruce C.
08:59 29 Jul 14
Karolina Belowska
Karolina B.
11:30 24 Jul 14
Donald Collier
Donald C.
06:35 22 Jul 14
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