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Tea’s the Season to be Jolly! Christmas Teas 2019

Tea’s the season to be jolly! Our range of Christmas Teas is now in for this year and they are all spectacular in their own special way. Whether you like Black, Green, Rooibos or Fruit Infusions we have something for you! So have a peek at and find something special for yourself or someone you care about.

We have chosen each one carefully with a range of flavours that reflect a bit of Winter and Christmas cheer, there are a few favourite’s that are returning and lots of new ones to be introduced. These are limited edition so we would recommend picking them up while you still can!

Many of these seasonal blends do contain nuts so please be sure to check before ordering or ask us!

Black Teas

Traditional loose leaf black tea leaves with real pieces of seasonal ingredients to add something a little special to your cup.

christmas parfait tea,black tea, oolong tea, christmas tea, loose leaf black tea

Christmas Parfait – A festive blend of Black and Oolong Tea, ingredients like cinnamon rods and star anise provide a warming touch while mandarin segments, apple pieces and creamy yoghurt granules add a sweet comforting element. One sure to get you in the mood!

carol singers blend, black loose leaf tea, cinnamon tea, orange and cinnamon, christmas tea

Carol Singers Blend – Back again this well loved favourite returns! A Black tea which truly combines familiar Christmas flavours and smells… Black tea, chocolate chips, orange slices, cinnamon roads and star anise. It’s like Christmas in a cup!

Santa Berry Black Tea, loose leaf, christmas tea blend

Santa Berry – Ho! Ho! Ho! Here’s a tea that’s on the nice list for sure. A fruity Black tea with strawberries, cranberries ,oranges, almonds and cardamon. This one proved to be popular last year so we recommend trying this one before it sells out.

Classical Christmas

Classical Christmas – Our regular customers may already be familiar with this, a blend that really embodies the spirit of this time of year! Black tea, vanilla, cinnamon and apples, and almonds. Lovely with or without milk.

White Christmas – A Black tea that is flavoured with seasonal orange, cinnamon, apples and raisins and is both warming and fruity. A delicious Christmas treat for you to enjoy!

Green Teas

All the health benefits of Green Tea with some fun and flavourful additions for the season!

sencha gingerbrea

Sencha Gingerbread– A colourful Sencha Green Tea with a gingerbread twist! Yummy! Ginger, winter spices, almonds, star anise and apricot kernels are reminiscent of freshly baked gingerbread! What a delicious way to enjoy all the health benefits of Green tea has to offer.

advent green tea, christmas green tea, winter green tea

Advent Green Tea- The ingredients and flavours in this tea are sure to awaken the senses as well as being pretty to look at. Cardamon pods, chunks of apple and mandarins, star anise, a dash of peppermint all topped off with pretty sweet sugar snow flakes!

Fruit Infusions

Fruity and caffeine free, our festive fruit infusions are made with real pieces of fruit so they taste as amazing as they look.

Christmas Apple- Refreshing and fruity enjoyment for all the family! Plenty of apple with orange with cinnamon rods and other wintery spices, and of course a few almond flakes.

merry cranberry, fruit infusion, cranberry tea

Merry Cranberry – What makes this tea so merry? The oodles of bright red cranberry slices combined with a medley of other winter berries and mistletoe! Lusciously deep berry notes to warm the hands and soul on a cold morning or evening.

Christmas Sparkle- A tea that really lives up to it’s name, thanks to the many golden shimmery sugar stars nestled amongst the other participants in this spectacular but unusual blend. The tea itself brews to a light pink colour thanks to the addition of rosehips. Pineapple and warm spices mingle with a hint of rosemary to produce a beverage that is out of this world.

winter solstice, fruit infusion, fruit tea, herbal tea

Winter Solstice – A fruity and herby blend of of wondrous ingredients that make a cosy concoction. Fruits like pomegranates and cranberries give the tea a satisfying sweetness and almond and spice lend a little cosiness. The perfect tea to drink while wrapped up warm and relaxing.

fruit angel, fruit infusion, loose tea

Fruit Angel – Apple pieces, small cocoa bits, sliced almonds, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, pink peppercorns and safflower… If these are a few of your favourite Christmas flavours then give Fruit Angel a try while we still have it!

festive beauty, fruit tea, herbal tea,

Festive Beauty – Beautifully decorated with popcorn, cranberries and blackcurrants, this tea has a lot of warmth to it and tastes almost like a caffein free chai blend. The cinnamon, ginger, mistletoe and a hint of sweet liquorice really come through it this tea.

Mulled Wine Fruit Infusion

Mulled Wine – Last but certainly not least, one of our bestsellers… Mulled Wine Fruit Infusion, an alcohol free fruit infusion that combines the perfect ingredients to help you forget the cold weather outside. Mistletoe, elderberries and whole cinnamon rods. All the makings of a cheerful cuppa suitable for all ages!

Rooibos Teas

Also known as Red Bush, Rooibos is a naturally caffeine free herbal tea. Great for all ages and our Christmas Range has the perfect ingredients to out a smile on your face.

Santa's flowers Rooibos tea

Santa’s Flowers – with marshmallows, candied violets and cinnamon rods. A sweet and spiced tea to spread cheer to all who drink it. The Rooibos base means it is perfect for grown up, children and elves alike!

Rudolphs Nose

Rudolph’s Nose – A real favourite with so many of our customers, have you tried this classic yet? A rooibos lavishly decorated with almonds, pistachios, orange, coriander, ginger and little peppercorns that resemble Rudolf’s nose. A real must try for anyone looking for a treat this Christmas.

christmas scent rooibos

Christmas Scent – Malty Rooibos with a combination of nuts and spices with a hint of smooth, soft cream, this creation unfolds its real wintery secret.  A delight for all for your senses!

polar fire rooibos tea

Polar Fire- Sometimes a tea doesn’t need many ingredients to be great, and this is one of them. Sweet and zest orange and some carrot shreds are all that have been added to this particular blend. Simple, fruity and gently sweet!

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