Greek Mountain Tea


Greek Mountain Tea

Greek Mountain Tea has a number of different names, Sideritis, Shepherds Tea or just plainly Mountain Tea. Sideritis can be literally translated as ‘she who is made of or has iron’. This plant was known to ancient Greeks….




Greek Mountain Tea. In ancient times Sideritis was a generic reference for plants that were capable of healing wounds caused by iron weapons during battles. However, others hold that the name stems from the shape of the sepal which resembles the tip of a spear.

Worldwide there are roughly 150 types of dittany (family “Sideretis”) of which the vast majority grows in the Mediterranean region. The majority of these members of the labiate family grows wild, only some varieties are cultivated. Greek Mountain tea is rich in essential oils and its blossoms, stems and leaves set free the scent of fresh herbs The taste is herby with an earthy note.


Greek Mountain Tea

Brewing instructions:

Brewing Temp 95C

Optimal Brewing Time 5 – 8 Min

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50g, 100g, 200g

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