Jasmine Silver Needle


Jasmine Silver Needle

One of our finest teas, a real treat for anyone who appreciates top quality white tea. Not to be missed!.




Jasmine Silver Needle. We are proud to present this top quality white silver needle tea which is exquisite in both aroma and taste.

This tea is from the Fujian Province in China. Using only the best quality white buds which are picked as soon as they reach maturity then stored until the jasmine blooms.

The tea and jasmine blooms are laid out together and the aromatic aroma of the blossom naturally permeates the tea. This results in a delicate, soft and smooth cup of tea.

Brewing Instructions
Brewing Temp 75-85C
Optimal Brewing Time 2 – 5 Min

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Sample 10g, 50g, 100g, 200g

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