Pu Erh Mini Cakes


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Pu Erh Mini Cakes

These mini cakes are perfect for a couple of cups of tea, fermented and compressed, these will give you a powerful tasting brew.


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Our Pu Erh Mini Cakes, traditionally wrapped in paper are from China. Fermented tea is still unheard of and untried by many people and is an acquired taste.

The Chinese designed compressed tea as an ingenious way of making its transportation easier and to allow it to keep for longer.

Traditional (raw) Pu Erh tea increases in value with age and can keep for decades as it has been fermented.

Pu Erh cakes, the diameter of dinner plates can change hands and sell for thousands of pounds.

Our Pu Erh (ripe) has been processed in a more modern way. It is helped to ripen quicker using different production methods which help the fermentation process along and produce the desired flavour in a much shorter timescale.

Brewing Instructions
Brewing Temp 90-95C
Optimal Brewing Time 7 Min

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