Japan Gabalong

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Japan Gabalong

This Japanese green tea, which is produced under special conditions, is
grown primarily in the Shizuoka District, near the city of Osaka. “Gaba”
means gamma amino acid and “long” is taken from “Oolong”.

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The origin of this tea lies in the “National Tea Research Institute”, where a project was created to find out whether tea could be preserved for a longer time. Nitrogen was thus added to a traditionally produced, fresh tea, which was then stored in sacks for 14 to 15 hours. The product which resulted had a much higher “Gaba” content than conventional Sencha does. The leaf is rough, open and slightly worked, it presents a brassy infusion with a soft, tangy bouquet and subtle buttery echoes.

Brewing Instructions
Brewing Temp 75-85C
Optimal Brewing Time 1 – 2 Min

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