Peppermint is well known all over the world, and only the finest leaves are used for brewing our peppermint tea.


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Peppermint Tea – The typical taste is due to the high contents of ethereal oils, which consist of 60 % Menthol. This is what gives Peppermint tea its fresh taste.

A delicious drink that is well known for helping the digestion.

A delicious and popular infusion.

It is also used for its various calming and relaxing effects and can be mixed with other teas and herbal infusions, according to taste.

We stock a range of teas on our website which include mint so if this is a taste that you enjoy then just put the word mint into our search bar and you will have a choice of drinks to choose!.



Brewing instructions:

Brewing Temp 95C

Optimal Brewing Time 5 – 8 Min

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50g, 100g, 200g

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