Glittery Buzz (Pear Plum Hemp)


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Glittery Buzz (Pear Plum Hemp)

Glittery Buzz (Pear Plum Hemp). A fun infusion with white polar bears (made of sugar) to sweeten the mix and blue butterfly pea flowers to give it an unusual colour.


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Glittery Buzz (Pear Plum Hemp). This autumnal hemp creation glistens like an icy blue ocean. Try it yourself and see!. It is sweet and fruity with a hint of spice and really pretty in the cup.

Allergen Peanut Oil

Contains: PEANUT OIL

Brewing Instructions
Brewing Temp 95C
Optimal Brewing Time 5 – 8 Min

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Sample 10g, 50g, 100g, 200g

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