Nilgiri Thiashola SFTGOP1


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Nilgiri Thiashola SFTGOP1

Nilgiri teas are known for their rich and intense flavours, yet this has a slightly more delicate taste. This tea is grown in the Ghats Mountains in South West India.


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Nilgiri Thiashola SFTGOP1 South India, a small Thiashola garden in Nilgiri Region.

The tea has a fresh, slightly sharp edged flavour with a certain body.

It is reminiscent of the seasons first plucking of Assam.

A multi-coloured, uneven leaf with green spots. The cup colour is copper-red with a scent of fresh flowers.


Black tea

Brewing instructions:

Brewing Temp 95C

Optimal Brewing Time 3 – 5 Min

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Sample 10g, 50g, 100g, 200g

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