Thailand Pang Khong Coffee


Thailand Pang Khong Coffee

The Akha tribe, one of the many hill tribes in Southeast Asia, live in the small mountain village Pang Khong, Northern Thailand. This is where they cultivate the very special Pang Khong coffee beans in the shade of the trees…




Thailand Pang Khon.  Coffee is omnipresent in the small village and almost every inhabitant is involved in its cultivation. Together, these families form a co-operative, which has the goal to improve the local living conditions. It facilitates a direct access to the international market for the peasants, without any intermediates.

Character and Taste:

At first, the Pang Khon coffee envelops your palate with a very mild aroma, which strongly reminds of chocolate, as well as light hints of nuts combined with a very delicate citrus flavour. In the aftertaste, it becomes voluminous with fine aromas of caramel. You simply must try this coffee!

Strength: ***



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Caftiere, Bean, Expresso, Metal Filter, Paper Filter, Turkish

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