Vietnam Robusta


Vietnam Robusta

A strong taste and full aroma, this Vietnamese Robusta bean will kick start your day.


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Vietnamese Robusta Coffee

The Vietnamese drink their coffee both hot and cold. Condensed milk is poured into the glass first and then the coffee is drip fed into the glass through a filter. Once done, the coffee is then stirred and if, required cold, poured over ice.

For those who like their coffee strong and black, it is also good – made from Robusta beans, it will have a slight bitterness.

Quantity Required

We recommend using a heaped tablespoon per cup so 100 g of coffee should give you approximately 12 cups but this can differ depending on your taste and the size of the cup used.



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50g, 100g, 200g


Bean, Cafetiere, Expresso, Metal Filter, Paper Filter, Turkish

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