Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee


Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee

Indian Monsoon Malabar is a coffee bean with an exceptional body and with very little acidity. Slightly sweet aromas round off the full flavour wonderfully.


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Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee is famous the world over for its unusual production method.

Malabar lies at the southern most point of India, north of Cochin….

At an altitude of 900 to 1,500 m above sea level a special processing method, the so-called “monsooning” is used.

This process gives this coffee its unique character.

The dried and processed beans are peeled and packed in jute bags.

The bags are then exposed to the monsoon and have to be repackaged every six to eight days in order to avoid the appearance of mould.

After eight to ten weeks, the coffee is ready to be roasted. It is slightly swollen and pale, but more easily digestible than “normal” beans.

Strength: ***

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