Travel Brewer


Travel Brewer

This genius Travel Brewer allows you to brew on the go.

Simply put tea in the lid where it stays safe, add water in the bottom half and turn it upside down to brew it, then after the allotted time turn it the right way up and your tea stays in the lid and the water that you added has magically turned to tea.

But that is not all, it is also a thermos so your tea will stay warm.



The Travel Brewer revolutionises tea brewing at home, on the go, or in the office.

The lid contains a space to load your tea and a flap to keep it there. Turn the device upside down and it allows the water to come into contact with the tea and brewing to start. Once the brewing time is up turn it right way up and the water drains from the tea leaves stopping the brewing process.

It is also a vacuum flask so your water or brewed tea will stay hot for a long time. The lid has a lock and catch to allow the hot water or tea to be kept safe and you can either drink it from the flask or pour it into a mug and fill it again.

Once you are done simply take off the lid, flip the catch and allow the tea to fall into the bin. This is why it is so perfect in an office or on the go as it keeps the mess down and if you chose the right tea you can get several brews from one loading of tea.

Brewing Instructions

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