Top of the Crop Basket


Top of the Crop Basket



Top of the Crop Basket. An exceptional collection of our top quality teas which will delight any connoisseur. An absolute treat in a box which will impress anyone lucky enough to receive it.

Jasmine Silver Needle – We are proud to present this top quality white silver needle tea which is exquisite in both aroma and taste. This tea is from the Fujian Province in China. Using only the best quality white buds which are picked as soon as they reach maturity then stored until the jasmine blooms. The tea and jasmine blooms are laid out together and the aromatic aroma of the blossom naturally permeates the tea. This results in a delicate, soft and smooth cup of tea.

Dragon Phoenix Pearls РA tea that has been produced by hand for over 100 years. A very special artisan tea with the unique aroma of fresh green tea and a delicate hint of jasmine.  Jasmine flowers bloom at night and fill the air with a beautiful soft perfumed fragrance.

Sencha Fuji – Sencha Fuji has an intense fragrance that is captivating and memorable. The liquor is a clear yellow with a distinctive aroma. The clean vegetable taste with a hint of salt leaves a delicious flavour in your mouth. The steaming of the leaves during the manufacture generates a complex taste with aromatic highlights.

Assam Mangalam – Our Assam Mangalam is a carefully processed tea with large leaves and lots of golden tips. It tastes deliciously malty and richly spicy. The Mangalam Tea Estate was founded in 1973 by the owners of the Manjushree plantation as they had enjoyed great success with their tea on this Estate.

Darjeeling Risheehat – This loose leaf black Darjeeling tea does not only enchant us by its bright, amber coloured cup but surprises us with its highly aromatic and spicy taste with a very pleasant muscatel note. The flowery bouquet reflects the taste. This plantation was co-founded by a German missionary and manufactures leaf teas of excellent quality, which grow at altitudes of between 980 and 2,050 m.

Japan Tamaryokucha – A very special tea from Kiushu region. Well renowned amongst tea connoisseurs as one of the finest teas in the world. The tea flesh is steamed before it is dried so retains all vitamins and polyphenols. During brewing the tea leaves are incredibly aromatic. The final brew is surprisingly subtle with light florally notes and pale yellow in colour.

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