Mixed Basket


Mixed Basket

This Mixed basket contains a carefully selected set of teas from the most loved and favourite teas of our customers.

What a perfect gift for a tea lover!

Oolong Milky 50 g
Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling 50 g
Japanese Sencha Yamato 50g
Maharani 50 g
Cookie Tea 50 g
Rooibos Blueberry Yoghurt 50g



A selection of different styles ranging from top quality Taiwanese Oolong, single estate Darjeeling, steamed green tea from Japan, fruity flavoured tea, sweet dessert tea and caffeine free Rooibos.

Oolong Milky – Jin Xuan Oolong Milky is grown in the Alishan mountains in Chiayi County in Taiwan. It is famous for its production of high quality mountain oolong tea.   It has a floral aroma with a pleasant and milky fragrance enhanced by light roasting.   Tasting naturally milky sweet, smooth and delectable with almost no bitterness or astringency.

Margaret’s Hope – Classic black tea comes from plantations Margaret’s Hope on the west of the city of Darjeeling. Olive-green leaves with numerous buds give the brew a light amber colour. Dominated by a note of muscatel with floral accent. Slight malt accent. Perfectly balanced.

Yamato – Classic green tea from a very well known Yamato Plantation from West part of Hionsiu Island (Nara region), Japan. A perfect tea for people who like more delicate teas from Japan. Very good source of micro-nutrients. This tea is very good after a meal because it activates our digestion and is refreshing.

Maharani – The Maharani loose leaf tea is unusual as it is a mix of black and green Chinese tea. Our sommeliers blend it with an exotic mix of papaya and thistle flower petals which gives a fruity yet mellow flavour. Deliciously light to drink with a rich refreshing taste, this tea leaves a clear, sweet taste on the palate from the papaya. It is a fabulous mood lifter and goes well with many foods.

Cookie Tea – A black Ceylon tea enriched with pieces of candied papaya, dried caramel and hazelnuts. Brews to make a sweet amber colour.

Rooibos Blueberry Yoghurt – Rooibos Blueberry yoghurt combines blueberries with a little creamy yoghurt and sweet cream, and the result is a fruity, fresh blueberry taste with a hint of yoghurt.

Contains: Hazelnuts, lechicin

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