Herbal Basket


Herbal Basket

This Herbal Basket is a great present for any health conscious person. This basket contains a selection of delicious loose leaf herbal infusions.

Good Night 30g

Camomile 25g

Peppermint 25g

Inner Harmony 30g

Ginger Dream 50g

Outer Glow 30g



Good Night – Our Good Night Tea makes a relaxing herbal tea and is so pretty to look at with yellows, orange, greens and dark red colours – all natural. This infusion which we have stocked in our shop and is a great seller with lots of loyal fans so give this tea a try!. It has a soft fruity aroma and is loved by adults and children alike.

Camomile – This has a soft and creamy floral taste and is very soothing. Camomile is spelled in several different ways, depending on where you come from and means earth apple. The plant has beautiful daisy like flowers with a yellow centre and small white petals. It is very good on its own or added to a blend and works equally well with both fruit and other herbs.

Peppermint – The typical taste is due to the high contents of ethereal oils, which consist of 60 % Menthol. This is what gives Peppermint tea its fresh taste. A delicious drink that is well known for helping the digestion. It is also used for its various calming and relaxing effects and can be mixed with other teas and herbal infusions, according to taste.

Inner Harmony – A blend of herbs has been designed to help you regain or keep your inner peace. Lovely calming lavender and camomile, fruity hibiscus, apple and candied orange, this caffeine free drink is sure to impress. Keep your days as stress free as possible and enjoy this lovely drink whenever you feel the need for calm!.

Ginger Dream – This drink has a pleasant freshness and the tea is finally rounded off by a hint of liquorice root. Pink coloured rose petals ennoble the optic. A perfect interaction of sweet and spicy. Completely without added flavouring and, on top of that, it’s organic!. Pleasantly spicy ginger pieces are complemented by the delicious sweetness of apple piece and lemon peel.

Outer Glow – A blend of cleansing herbs to promote healthy glowing skin. An ideal blend for those who want to cleanse toxins from the inside out. This herbal blend is full of goodness with its many varied ingredients that can help to improve your skin, hair and nails. The sea buckthorn contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and can help boost immunity. This really is a great all rounder!.

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