Green Tea Basket


Green Tea Basket

This Green Tea Basket is a great present for the tea aficionado or lover of Green teas. This basket contains a selection of delicious loose leaf Green teas.

Yamato Sencha 50 g
Japan Genmaicha 50 g
Jasmine Chung Hao 50 g
Ginger and Lemon Green Sencha 50 g
Mountain Mist Wulu 50 g
Vietnam Tua Chua Lai Chau 50 g



Green teas are healthy and tasty and this selection includes quality Japanese Tea such as the famous Genmaicha, aromatic Jasmine and flavoured and plain varieties from around the world.

Yamato Sencha – If you are looking for a strictly classical green tea, you have found it in this high grade tea. It has a very powerful taste with notes of typical Japanese tanginess and it is very aromatic. A real treat!.

Japan Genmaicha – This is an iconic Japanese green tea which has toasted rice added to Bancha tea.   This gives it a signature nutty flavour, despite there being no nuts in it.   The Japanese traditionally drink this with food.

Jasmine Chung Hao – A fragrant loose leaf green tea, our Chinese Jasmine Chung Hao is wonderfully aromatic Formerly this particular way of making Jasmine tea tea was especially reserved for the Royal Court so you know that it is something special.

Ginger Lemon Green Sencha – This tea has a lovely lemony aroma combined with a gentle hint of ginger to add sweetness. Great as a morning tea!. It has all the goodness of green tea with lovely zesty lemon and aromatic ginger to boot.

Mountain Mist Wulu – With its dark green leaves this tea looks as amazing as it tastes! A brew known for its characteristic sweet, floral notes which some describe as magnolia.

Vietnam Tua Chua Lai Chau Vietnam Green Org  – This is an organic green tea grown in the north western part of Vietnam. The cup is a greeny golden colour and the taste is rich and slightly bitter. Vietnam exports the vast majority of its tea and makes both black and green teas of approximately equal amounts. Their tea production has increased in recent years and is becoming increasingly well known.


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