Fruity Basket


Fruity Basket

These Fruit Infusions are delicious hot or cold at any time of the day and can be enjoyed as they are or sweetened to taste.

Dorset Fruit Basket 50g

Siciliana 50g

Red Fortune 50g

Sweet Treat 50g

Baked Apple 50g

Forest Fruits 50g



Dorset Fruit Basket – This encases ripe strawberries, mellow raspberries, fresh and sour cherries and aromatic blackberries. Sweet pieces of various crispy apple types, hibiscus blossoms and domestic rose hip peel provide a fruity foundation for the fruits.

Siciliana – A delicious fruit infusion, with an extremely rich flavour & aroma. This fruit drink is one of our best sellers!.
Savour the sunny flavours of pineapple, papaya, apple pieces, orange and lemon.

Red Fortune – This is a combination of ripe red berries!. Elderberries, hibiscus and blackcurrant are put together to create this wonderful blend. When infused this creates an eye catching bright scarlet liquor, with perfectly balanced aroma with excitingly soft fruity notes.

Sweet Treat – This infusion has a gentle fruity and sweet taste and is a gorgeous blush pink colour. If you like sweet fruit then this is the drink for you. With large marshmallow pieces, fruit cubes and freeze dried raspberries, this both looks and tastes amazing.

Baked Apple – This fruit infusion will warm the cockles of your heart so be sure to keep some in stock at home ready for when you come in from the blustering wind and rain. What is better on a cold autumn evening than a piping hot baked apple ….. now you can enjoy the flavour in tea form!. With warming cinnamon rods, cloves and almonds, this is a fantastic brew to enjoy.

Forest Fruits – An intense berry experience!. For all you lovers of dark fruits, this has it all. Beautiful freeze dried forest fruits gives a full tangy taste and brews a beautiful deep red colour. Lovely as a caffeine free hot beverage or try as a cold drink. Just brew as normal and then allow to cool to room temperature before adding ice if required.

Brew for 8 -10 minutes at 95 degrees.

Brewing Instructions

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