Pack your holiday tea pack

Are you ready for your holidays? I know I am! Always love a good holiday. The tea on holiday can be really disappointing though. After a long trip, dragging all those bags up into your room, or setting up your tent and unpacking, what could be nicer than a delicious refreshing cup of tea, before you visit the bar? Then you see the paltry tea on offer and remember what you forgot. You forgot to pack your holiday tea pack! Well now you have been reminded not to forget to pack your holiday tea pack, but what do you put in it? It could be really simple, a light infuser and your favourite tea! Here is some advice on the best holiday tea solutions.

Pots Not required

Now putting your best china into your suitcase is really not a great idea! However you will find that you can make great cups of tea straight in the mug with a mesh infuser. Perfect for popping in mugs or cups, they give you a way of brewing loose leaf wherever you may be. Simply add a spoonful of tea, add water, leave to brew and remove. Voila! The handy lid is useful for keeping heat in when brewing for longer times and can be used as a drip tray for the infuser after. No mess. No fuss. Great tea on the go. What could be better? These lightweight ones can also be used for coffee as they have a metal sieve.

There are other infusers that might suit you better which you can find here

Which tea should I take

It might be easiest to take teas which are not so dependent lower temperatures unless you have a travel safe thermometer or are very good at working out when the water is the correct temperature. Teas such as Black, Oolong, Pu Erh Herbal Rooibos and Fruit Infusions are great for travel as they can be made with water just off the boil, taking the guess work out of it and helping you get the perfect brew in even in a strange place. That does not mean you should not take your favourite Green or White tea however they might more difficult to brew than at home but with care can be just as delicious.

Looking after your tea on holiday

There may be tea leaves! Of course there will be, after all everyone likes a nice cuppa but you need to keep them safe and dry before you brew them. Afterwards just tip them from the infuser into the bin. If you are going to a nice comfy hotel then some common-sense and keeping the tea in the packets we sell them in away from the tea making area will avoid them getting wet and probably be enough. If you are camping, or roughing it a bit, we would recommend a caddy to store them in. That way if the rains some you won’t be looking at a leaking pile of ruined tea leaves just when you need them the most.

So theres a few tips to get you started, you can always ask us for more advice if you like. Enjoy your holidays and of course your tea! 

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