Jane Pettigrew's World of Tea : Discovering Growing Regions and Their Teas

Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea

We are often asked by our customers how you can learn more about tea, and especially loose leaf tea. We ourselves are learning something new about tea every day and are happy to share our knowledge which you, so you can always ask us. But if you want to read something about tea we highly recommend you a new book by Jane Pettigrew, our mentor, friend and one of the best tea experts in the world.

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Jane Pettigrew BEM is a renowned tea master, historian and author. She has shared her knowledge and passion for tea world wide, educating people about the wonder and joy of all things tea. Her inspirational teachings are what helped us, at Its Tea, get started and keeps us going.  jane pettigrew, tea, world of tea, loose leaf, tea books

Jane has been awarded the British Empire Medal for her work in the tea world, as well as winning numerous awards for her teaching and advocacy to the tea community. What she doesn’t know about the subject could be written on the back of a postage stamp although, being modest, she would claim to need very large stamp!

Her latest offering , Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea : Discovering growing regions and their teas is a definitive and encyclopaedic guide. With 400+ pages of comprehensive information, this book is a treat for newcomers to the tea world and long time enthusiasts alike. So well written is this book, that one could easily read it from cover to cover or simply use the handy index to dip in and out and refresh one’s knowledge of one particular region, tea type or subject. The book is filled with full colour photos that capture the beauty of the terrains and take the reader around the world on a tea journey!

jane pettigrew, tea, world of tea, tea books, loose leaf

If you would like to buy a copy for yourself it is available to buy here from Amazon.

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