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Gunpowder Teas

Have you ever tried a Gunpowder Tea? Why are they called that and how are they made? What makes them so great? Read on to find out more about this fantastic and classic style of tea.

It originates from the Zhejiang Province, China and is a classical Chinese tea that has been produced since the Tang dynasty, generally regarded as a golden age for culture and arts in Chinese history.

In Chinese it is called zhū chá which literally translated means “ pearl tea” or “bead tea”. The tea leaves are rolled tightly into small pellets, in the same way that ammunition pellets for guns used to be, hence it’s English name Gunpowder Tea. Another possible reason is that some have a smokey flavour to them.

Most Gunpowder style teas are Green teas but other varieties are made, such as Oolong or Black. The leaves are rolled into their balled shape either by hand or machine, generally the best quality ones are hand rolled and have a slight sheen to the outside of the leaves.The rolling of the leaves means they retain much of their aromatics and are less susceptible to physical damage.

Gunpowder teas are great for multiple brewings, with each infusion the leaves bloom into fuller whole leaves and explode with more flavour. Our Gunpowder Temple of Heaven Green Tea is a great example of a full strong Chinese Green Gunpowder that would suit everyday green tea drinkers or even as the perfect pairing for a special meal. We also stock a delicious Gunpowder Tea that is blended with moroccan mint to add a little invigoration, we would highly recommend this one for a refreshing beverage in the summer. Or any time you like really!

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Have you ever tried a gunpowder tea? Why are they called that and how are they made? What makes them so great? Read on…

Posted by It's Tea on Thursday, February 22, 2018

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