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Green teas – New and Exciting Arrivals!

Green teas …. We have over 100 green teas to choose from, and these two new and unusual additions are very welcome! Both teas are different, interesting and unique for their own reasons. Read below to find out what makes these new teas so worth a try!

Our New Green Teas

Colombia Leafy Green Organic

colombian leafy green tea
Colombian Leafy Green tea

Colombia leafy green organic is a new green tea from an unusual origin. Colombia is well known for being an exporter of good coffees. Did you know that the soil and climate needed to grow both are similar. They produce some fantastic teas there too, this is an example of one such tea.

Grown at high altitudes, the plant grows slowly developing flavour. Large twisty leaves which give a quite delicate yet fully aromatic liquor, refreshing with a dry finish. A perfect green tea for those familiar or new to it. We would really recommend trying this beautiful and unusual tea! 

Brew one teaspoon of leaves for 3 minutes with 75 – 85 degree water to get the best out of these leaves. You can find more tips and tricks to brew green teas perfectly here.

China Tai Mu Long Zhu Organic Green Tea

China Tai Mu Long Zhu Organic
China Tai Mu Long Zhu Organic Green Tea

Tai Mu Long Zhu Organic is a specialty tea from China, just like our Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls. Made with a bud and the two top leaves of the plant which are expertly rolled into pearls by hand, a real labour of love! And the love is reflected in the quality and taste!

With a delightful aroma and elegant champagne coloured liquor this tea promises to delight and does not disappoint. Delivering a light flavour and a sweet finish on the palate this tea is a joy to al off the senses!

To prepare this tea we recommend brewing just 5 or 6 pearls per cup, with water that is 75 – 85 degrees, for 3 minutes. Each pearl opens up and unfurls as it brews really revealing the skill of the tea master who rolled each one!

Have you tried either of these? Do you love Green tea? Keep up to date with all our latest teas and news over on our Facebook page.

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