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Flavours of Autumn

The clocks have gone back and the dark evenings are drawing in, time for some comforting new tea blends and all the most wonderful flavours of Autumn. So what autumn and winter teas have just arrived?

Flavours of Autumn

Taste is an important sense and when we think of the flavours of Autumn the obvious one that comes to mind is Pumpkin. But there are so many other taste sensations to be enjoyed at this time of year. For example apples, maple, cinnamon, hazelnuts, caramel, oranges , pears, smokey flavours that remind us of bonfire night and warm crackling fires.

Our Autumn and Winter Teas

Have a look at some of the new and exciting flavours we’ve got to offer… We’ve tried to choose a selection of different flavours so there is something for everyone. Which will be your Fall favourite? We have everything from Black teas to Fruit Infusions and more to come.

Most of these are limited edition blends and once they are gone they are gone, so don’t wait around to try them, get them while you still can!

Quite a few of these contain nuts so be sure to check the ingredients or ask us if you or someone you are buying for has allergies

Rooibos Orange and Ginger

Orange and Ginger Rooibos

Simple and delicious, a caffeine free base of Rooibos herbal tea takes on the strong flavour of ginger and citrus so well. One to be enjoyed time and time again!

Autumn Harvest Black Tea

Autumn Harvest Black Tea, Autumn and winter teas

Autumn Harvest is named this because it is a blend of Chinese black tea leaves with ingredients that really captures all of the flavours of autumn. Cinnamon, cardamon and apple are in there as well as sweet goji berries and orange. This tea blend also has a sprinkle of hazelnuts and coconut which give a creamy quality to the blend.

Mulled Wine Fruit Infusion

Mulled Wine Fruit Infusion, autumn and winter teas

A firm favourite at this time of year every year, an alcohol free fruit infusion that combines the perfect ingredients to help you forget the cold weather outside. Mistletoe, elderberries and wholecinnamon rods. All the makings of a cheerful cuppa suitable for all ages!

Toasted Orange Fruit Infusion

Toasted Orange Fruit Infusion, flavours autumn

Toasted Orange fruit infusion is warming and sweet.  A lovely calming drink to look forward to on a cold evening. Apples, oranges and mandarin segments merge with spices like black pepper to create a flavour like no other

Apple Cider Fruit Infusion

Apple Cider Fruit Infusion

The perfect drink to wrap your hands around on a cold and blustery day. Lots of cinnamon rods apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, almond flakes, star anise, sultanas, rosehip peel and elderberries make this a very special fruit infusion that’s a favourite with many of our customers.

Golden Life Black Tea

Golden Life Black Tea

A lovely Black tea blend that brings some of the joys of Summer to your cup even in the cold seasons. Juicy sultanas, pomegranate flowers, plums , apples and rhubarb are some of the delights you will find in this tea, along with coconut flakes that add a little creaminess to the whole affair.

Raspberry and Cinnamon Fruit Infusion

Raspberry and Cinnamon Fruit Infusion

A great infusion for those who like strong flavours and particularly fruit and cinnamon. Packed with a mix of freeze dried fruits for full impact, and with the warmth of a little ginger and cinnamon sticks from Ceylon. A beautiful blend !

Apple Strudel Fruit Infusion

Apple Strudel Fruit Infusion

Apple strudel is another favourite fruity creation with a spicy and a deliciously creamy aftertaste. Apple pieces, cinnamon bits, hibiscus blossoms, almond pieces, elderberries, blackcurrants. This one brings all the joy and comfort of a freshly baked apple dessert!

Ginger and Lemon Rooibos

Rooibos Ginger and Lemon

Ginger and Lemon is such a classic and well loved combination, and combined with the strong and malty Rooibos tea it creates a tea which is warming, zingy and strong.

Golden Autumn Black Tea

Another delicious Autumnal Black tea, if you enjoyed our Autumn Love tea blend from last year we would recommend picking up some of this one. A quality loose leaf Chinese black tea with colourful pieces of lemon, apple and papaya, it is a strong yet mellow and sweet blend. Great for unwinding with at the end of a long day!

Many more seasonal flavours will be appearing in the coming weeks so keep an eye out, pop in or order online to try something new today!

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