First Flush Tea 2019 – Nepal La Mandala

Spring is an exciting time when it comes to the world of tea. Why? Because it is the time of year when First Flush teas are picked and produced. But what is a First Flush and why are they so prestigious and sought after? 

A Flush refers to the season in which a tea is picked, First Flush leaves are from the very first plucking from a tea plant for that year. First Flush season begins in the fourth week of March and continues until the end of April. These early leaves plucked are the youngest growth on the plant and are highly prized, particularly among Darjeeling teas, as they produce a delicate and crisp liquor with floral and muscatel notes. 

Last year we chose a beautiful First Flush Darjeeling tea from the Victoria’s Peak section of the Steinthal tea plantation, which you can read about here. However this year we have chosen something a little different but just as special!

First flush tea, Nepal tea, loose leaf tea, black tea, Darjeeling tea
Nepal La Mandal leaves and liquor.

This years choice is a Nepalese tea, called Nepal La Mandala. Nepal lying just North of India and Darjeeling produces some really beautiful loose leaf teas. They have many of the same characteristics as Darjeeling teas, and are even cultivated using the same type of plants and knowledge but they cannot be called Darjeeling teas because they are not from there. Sort of like how true champagne must be produced within the Champagné region of France, but other wines may have the same qualities. 

So now thats the geography covered lets talk about the actual tea… These large silvery and olive green leaves are beautifully long and resemble a butterfly Oolong tea at first glance. Once steeped they produce a light golden coloured liquor which is highly aromatic and floral with some muscatel notes. The taste itself is bright, refreshing and delicate but with enough character to capture and enchant the taste buds. This truly is a special tea, which we only have a limited amount of, once it’s gone it’s gone, so be sure to try it now while it’s still available!

Nepal La Mandala, First flush, Nepal tea, Darjeeling, Loose leaf tea, Black tea

We do have other Nepalese teas and of course a whole selection of Darjeeling Teas available here so why not find something special for Spring? 

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