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Darjeeling 2018 Victoria’s Peak First Flush Tea

Our Darjeeling First Flush 2018 loose leaf tea has just landed and it is spectacular! What is a first flush? It is the name given to the very first picking of the tea season each year. They are highly prized amongst teas such as  Darjeelings.

Known as the champagne of the Himalayas, Darjeelings are famous for having a light and distinct taste similar to muscat wine, grape notes and a delicate feel in the mouth. If you have tried and enjoy the taste profile of a good Darjeeling Tea you simply must try a first flush.

Much to the relief of many tea workers and tea lovers alike tea production in Darjeeling is now starting to recover after a turbulent year last year. We have been very lucky to have been able to source these organically produced leaves, from the Victoria’s Peak section of the Steinthal tea plantation. It was named after Queen Victoria, and is a top quality producer of small batches of loose leaf tea. Each year, only small amounts are plucked.

These leaves were still on the plant and growing only 3 weeks ago! Harvested and carefully handpicked this tea is a particularly lively and bright Darjeeling with beautifully green leaves and an abundance of tips that produce a light peach infusion when brewed. It has the typical muscatel and grape notes expected as well as a delightful vegetal note. It is both fragrant and flavoursome, and an incredible example of a top quality first flush Darjeeling.

If you are a lover of Darjeeling tea, we have several to choose from, simply click here to explore more.

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