Cold Brew Tea

Cold brew coffee has become popular recently but cold brew tea is a nice alternative for those who don’t like coffee or fancy something different. So how and why should you cold brew tea leaves ?

Why Cold Brew Tea ?

 Cold brewing creates a different taste sensation to teas which have been brewed in the usual way using hot water, it is also a method which allows a lot of room to experiment and play with. Because there is no heat involved the tea leaves infuse much slower, different compounds come out of the leaf at different rates, this often creates a very soft liquor and really accentuates a lot of the different notes which can be lost brewing in the traditional way. It’s a great way to avoid the tannic notes that can spoil the taste of a tea if it is accidentally over brewed. 

Of course brewing with cold water means waiting a lot longer but why not let it steep in the fridge overnight? waking up to fresh cold brewed tea is a fantastically refreshing! Because the brewing time is much longer you have complete control over exactly when you stop it, this is where your personal preferences and experimenting come into play.

cold brew tea, loose leaf tea
Many different types of tea are delightful when brewed using cold brewing methods.

How to Cold Brew

It’s really easy to get started making your own cold brew tea…

  • Pick your tea… Any will work but Green tea, Black tea, White tea and Herbal and Fruit Infusions tend to produce the nicest results. 
  • Use double or more (if you want a stronger end result) of your selected tea leaves or infusion, put them in something glass or ceramic, mason jars can work nicely and allow you to see what’s happening inside.
  • Use filtered water, if the water isn’t fresh and filtered it can really muddy the taste of the final brew.
  • Add the leaves to the water and place in the fridge. You can steep them for as long as you want. Some people go for anywhere between 2 and 12 hours or even longer! 
  • The first few times you make it keep trying it during the brewing process to see how it is and if it’s to your taste.
  • When you’re happy with the tea strain the leaves out and enjoy! 
  • You can always add ice for an extra chill or other extras like mint leaves or fruit slices. Have fun andenjoy the endless possibilities.      

So there is our guide to cold brewing, we hope you give it a go and enjoy your favourite teas in a whole different way!

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