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The Art of Coffee Roasting

Coffee Roasting

Coffee roasting truly is an art. At Its Tea we have over 40 gourmet coffees! Have you ever wondered what happens during the coffee roasting process? Coffees grown around the world are exported as unfinished green beans and sent to a master roaster who we work with closely to bring these amazing coffees from bean to your cup.


The importance of roasting

Good roasting technique is the key to a good tasting coffee. A skilled roaster has a keen sense of the right combination of temperature, time, a profound knowledge of the product and experience in handling raw and roasted coffees. 

The process changes the physical and chemical properties of the beans, ultimately deciding the final flavour and character of the coffee. The aim of the process is to increase the temperature of the coffee bean so that all of it receives an even amount of heat then to cool them down quickly afterwards.

The earliest coffee roasting equipment, found in Persia, consists of trays and pans made from porcelain and tin dating back to the Ottoman Empire. Nowadays equipment for commercial roasting is very different.

How our beans are roasted

Our chosen coffee roasting master is expert at bringing out the very best flavours and transforming raw coffee beans into tasty aromatic drinkable coffees. Particular care is taken in the selecting which beans will be used and how they are stored.

Coffee being roasted at our roast masters premises.

Once ready to begin roasting coffee beans are heated at temperatures between 160-200°C in a gas driven drum roaster for 12-20 minutes. This brings out the intensive flavours and eliminates unwanted acidity. Once roasted the beans are cooled. Our roaster uses the air cooling method. The benefit of using this method rather than the water cooling method is that the beans will retain their flavour during storage.

Our Coffees

So now we’ve outlined how our gorgeous gourmet coffees are created, here is where you can browse and buy them. You can find all of our plain coffees here and our selection of flavoured coffee beans here. We will have some exciting new coffees arriving soon, we will be sure to introduce them to you on our Facebook page so follow us and find out as soon as they arrive.

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