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Christmas Tea Blends 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for amazing Christmas tea blends. Now it’s cold outside, so brew something delicious to keep your hands warm and spirits high.

We have everything from fruit and herbal infusions, black teas, green teas, ad Rooibos too. At It’s Tea we keep a huge range of teas of teas so there is something for everybody, and Christmas is no exception. Here we compiled this guide to our seasonal blends to help you find the perfect tea (or a few) to get you in a festive mood !

(Note: many of the Christmas teas contain nuts, and a few contain peanut oil as an ingredient. If you have nut allergies please check ingredients carefully and choose from the nut free blends we have to offer. )

Black Teas

Black tea leaves with additional flavours to create a fully festive cuppa.

Magical Christmas

magical christmas black tea

All the magic of Christmas incorporated into one tea blend! Black tea leaves provide a base for red sugar stars and cute gingerbread man shaped sprinkles. Cinnamon rods, pear pieces, apples and pistachios add extra colour and magic. A tea which tastes as sweet as it looks.

(The sugar sprinkles in this blend do contain peanut oil, if you have nut allergies we would recommend checking out some of our christmas blends which are nut free)

Santa Berry

santa berry black tea

Santa berry is a cheerful mix of black tea leaves, cranberries, orange, strawberries, raspberries, almonds and cardamon pods. A perfect blend to give you a fruity taste of Christmas!

Walnut Cake with Figs

walnut cake and figs black tea

Mmmm! A Black tea blend to enjoy as a treat and maybe with a slice of cake? Apples, figs, pineapples, walnuts and dates which give it a sweet comforting cake like flavour.

Classical Christmas

classical christmas black tea

Classical Christmas has been a best selling Christmas blend for a few years now and it’s easy to see why. We have combined black tea, cinnamon pieces, sliced almonds, apple pieces and vanilla to create a tea which will warm and delight even on the coldest of days!

Christmas Parfait

christmas parfait tea,black tea, oolong tea, christmas tea, loose leaf black tea

A much loved sweet and velvety tasting luxurious blend inspired by a delicious pudding and seasonal ingredients. Christmas Parfait is black tea leaves and Oolong tea leaves with whole cinnamon rods, almonds, sweet dried apples, star anise, mandarin segments and freeze dried yoghurt granules which give it a rich creamy taste. (It does contain some lactose because of the the yoghurt. )

Carol Singer’s Blend

Orange and Cinnamon Tea

Carol Singer’s Blend combines black tea, oranges, chocolate chips, star anise and cinnamon sticks to create a blend which will warm and delight you in the same way the voices of a Christmas choir would on a cold December evening.

Fruit Infusions

Fruit infusions are made with real pieces of fruit, spice and all things nice. Caffeine free and great for all ages.

Ho Ho Ho Cranberry

ho ho ho cranberry

Ho Ho Ho Cranberry a blend tangy cranberry slices with apple, dates and hibiscus to create a fruity hot punch. Lovely warming cinnamon pieces and twinkling golden sugar stars add some much needed sweetness and a little glitz.

Santa’s Sweet Cinnamon Buns

sold out

santas sweet cinnamon bun

Sant’s sweet cinnamon bun tastes exactly like the name suggests, like a cinnamon bun with sweet cinnamon icing. Cinnamon rods, star anise and ginger pieces provide the Christmassy spice while sweet gingerbread man shaped sprinkles, blackberry leaves and chunks apple give the feel of a sweet pastry. A delicious and fun fruit infusion for all the family.

Mulled Wine Fruit Infusion

Mulled Wine Fruit Infusion

One of our most popular Christmas fruit infusions is back and bursting with festive flavour. Cinnamon rods, mistletoe, orange, apple, elderberries, roseship and cloves make this a delicious brew which really sums up the season. Alcohol free but you could always use it as a base for a mulled wine!

Merry Cranberry

Merry Cranberry fruit imfusion

For a very berry treat that’s merry and caffeine free try this! It tastes as cheery as it looks. Merry Cranberry has bright slices of cranberry with apple cubes, mistletoe, cinnamon rods and whole star anise.

Green Teas

Green tea leaves mixed with carefully selected flavours to create subtlety warming winter tastes.

Genmaicha Very Frosty

genmaicha very frosty green tea

Traditional green tea with a subtle festive twist. Genmaicha is Japanese green tea with roasted rice husks and popcorn, giving it a thick savoury taste sensation. Genmaicha very frosty also has candied pineapple and manuka honey, mistletoe, cinnamon and star anise. This blend is perfect for those who want a seasonal brew but prefer delicate flavours.

Christmas Star Sencha

Christmas Star Sencha

Tangerine slices and cardamon pods, green tea leaves , sweet snow flakes and a pinch of peppermint make this a deliciously warming sweet tea that is reminiscent of candy canes. The perfect tea to warm your hands a ice up your spirits on a winters day.

Christmas Tree Sencha

christmas tree sencha green tea

Green tea leaves with lots of orange, safflower petals, pink peppercorns and sliced almonds. Christmas Tress Sencha is refreshing and uplifting like a walk through a winter wonderland.

Evening at the Fireplace

at the fireplace green tea

A green tea for those who like a sweet treat! Green tea leaves flavoured with whole cardamon pods, cinnamon and sweetness from lots of sugared christmas tree and snow flake sprinkles.

(The sugar sprinkles in this blend do contain peanut oil, if you have nut allergies we would recommend checking out some of our christmas blends which are nut free)


Naturally caffeine free Rooibos (or red bush) tea blended with luxurious ingredients to capture the essence of Christmas. Perfect for any time of the day.

Gingerbread Men’s Christmas Wish

Gingerbread men’s Christmas wish rooibos

The cutest Christmas tea around! Rooibos tea with caramel cubes and brittle pieces as well as the pink peppercorns and sugar ice crystals form a festive blend with a wonderful scent and taste. Creamy notes of vanilla combined with the taste of roasted caramel delivers sweetness and spice.

Rudolph’s Nose

Rudolphs Nose Rooibos

Rudolph’s Nose is another favourite from previous years that has is back for the season. A gorgeous caffeine free blend that tastes of oranges and gingerbread biscuits, it’s name come from the pink peppercorns that look like Rudolph’s bright red nose. It is made of Rooibos, almonds, orange peel, peppercorns, pistachios and a dash of coriander.

Santa’s Flowers

Rooibos Santa's Flowers

Candied violets, apple pieces and cinnamon are mixed into a base of Rooibos, this creates a sweet and warming cup of tea that we think would be a favourite at the North Pole.

Christmas Scent Rooibos

christmas scent rooibos

Rooibos Christmas Scent is apples and oranges paired with cinnamon and cloves with coriander to add a gentle fragrant sweetness. Harmony for your tea cup and your senses!

Find out more about our newest teas and coffee on our facebook page and follow us on instragram at @itstealtd .

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