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Matcha Recipes

These days there are so many amazing matcha recipes. Lattes, smoothies, ice cream, cakes, chocolate to name a few. Matcha’s unique flavour profile pairs well with so many foods! Matcha…

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5 Teas to Beat a Cold

What are the best teas to beat a cold? It's that time of year... Leaves are falling, there's a chill in the air, the nights are drawing in and ...…

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Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a popular drink in parts of the world like Central Southern America. Enjoyed in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Southern Brazil for years because of its uplifting…

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Gyokuro Tea

Gyokuro tea is the highest grade of green tea produced in Japan. The name means “Jade Dew” , it’s considered one of the most flavoursome teas in the world. It…

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Hemp Tea

We recently started stocking a range of Hemp Tea's and they have already proved to be extremely popular and effective! With CBD being one of the fastest growing industries around…

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How to cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee is in a lot of coffee shops these days, but did you know it’s easy to make your own at home? What is cold brewed coffee? Cold…

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Iced Coffee Made Easy
Iced coffee in a glass cup surrounded by plants on a wooden tray

Iced Coffee Made Easy

Iced Coffee Iced coffee is a great way to keep cool and enjoy your favourite beverage on a hot day! Have you ever wondered how to make iced coffee? Buying…

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Matcha with accessories


Matcha tea has enjoyed a surge in popularity in the last few years. It is used in many recipes including matcha lattes, matcha cakes and even matcha ice cream. But…

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Why Choose Arabica Coffee Beans?
Arabica coffee beans

Why Choose Arabica Coffee Beans?

Why Choose Arabica Coffee Beans? Why choose arabica beans? At It’s Tea we have around 40 gourmet coffees to choose from, and we tend to choose arabica coffee beans. Why…

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