Here we have a collection of blogs and articles about tea in general. Including  environmentally friendly options, how to store your tea, and reviews for tea literature we love.


Mint Mocha Recipe

Mint Mocha... a delightful combination of coffee, chocolate and mint! Mint Coffee beans are now amongst our selection of flavoured coffees and work great for drinks like this! An indulgent…

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Matcha Recipes

These days there are so many amazing matcha recipes. Lattes, smoothies, ice cream, cakes, chocolate to name a few. Matcha’s unique flavour profile pairs well with so many foods! Matcha…

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Plastic in Tea Bags

We consciously chose not to promote tea in tea bags and here is why. If you have been to one of our tea tastings or visited our shop you will…

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Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea
Jane Pettigrew's World of Tea : Discovering Growing Regions and Their Teas

Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea

We are often asked by our customers how you can learn more about tea, and especially loose leaf tea. We ourselves are learning something new about tea every day and are…

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