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What are the best brewing tips for White tea? White tea is a rare tea which when brewed properly produces a delicate flavour. But how to brew White tea? Brewing white tea is quite easy but like green tea you must pay attention to temperature and timing.

White tea uses the buds and the youngest leaves and is hand picked just before the buds fully open. These are covered in fine white hairs and this is where white tea gets its name. It is full of antioxidants which are thought to aid the body in preventing some signs and stresses of aging.

Brewing this tea type can differ in timing dependent on the origin. For example, Chinese white tea will generally need slightly longer brewing than white tea from Darjeeling.

If you brew white tea using too high a temperature, you will burn the leaves and ruin the delicate taste of the tea. Also, brewing for too long will result in a stewed brew which can lead to unnecessary and unpleasant bitterness. Read our brewing tips for White tea to get the best cup possible every time

1. Fill the kettle with just enough water and put it on to boil. Meanwhile, warm the cup or pot (hot water from tap will do for this). Allow the water from the kettle to cool to 75 – 85C before you pour.

2. Add white tea to the infuser (about 1.5 teaspoon per cup).

White tea Brewing
White tea brewing

3.  Carefully pour on the water from the kettle.

White tea brewing - adding water
White tea brewing – adding water

4. Leave to brew for 3-5 minutes for Chinese white teas and 2-3 for Darjeeling white teas. Depending on taste.

Tea timer
Tea Timer

5. Remove the infuser allowing it to drain into the cup or pot. You are now ready to enjoy your White tea!

White tea brewing finished cup
White tea brewing finished incup

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