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Have you tried Oolong tea? It’s a varied tea type, with our tips for brewing oolong tea you can really get the most out of your leaves. Read on to find out how to brew oolong perfectly.

Oolong Tea (sometimes referred to as Wulong or even Blue Tea) is a very special tea which is hand picked using only the best leaves and tips. Oolong is produced in different ways and can be rolled into balls (using the top three leaves from the tea plant) or rolled open and straight (known as Butterfly Oolong).    

We recommend a slightly lower brewing temperature for Oolong Tea in order to prevent bitterness from burning the young leaves whilst brewing (a terrible crime against tea!).   Brew this tea from 85 degrees and for 2- 4 minutes depending on your strength preference.   

It is great to watch the rolled ball variety open up after each brewing, literally expanding before your eyes.  For this reason, always allow enough space in your infuser for this to happen.  Oolong tea can range in the level of oxidisation from as low as 20% and up to 80%.

Brew your oolong leaves right first time and you can rebrew them several times, read on for some brewing tips for oolong tea

1. Fill the kettle with just enough water and put it on to boil and warm the cup or pot. Hot water from the tap will do.

2. Add tea to the infuser , about 1.5 teaspoon per mug and 1 per cup with 1 for the pot if using a teapot

Brewing oolong Tea
Brewing oolong tea

3.  Carefully pour on the water from the boiled kettle when it has cooled to 85C

Brewing Oolong Tea pouring water
Brewing oolong tea, pouring the water on.

4. Leave to brew for 3-5 minutes depending on taste

Tea timer
Tea Timer

5. Remove the infuser allowing it to drain into the cup or pot tea.

Brewed Oolong Tea
Brewed oolong tea

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