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Getting the steeping part of green tea right is essential to getting the best flavour from it. Here are our brewing tips for green tea. Green teas are produced in different ways, depending on region, have wide range of taste profiles and require different treatment when brewing.   

Green tea has not undergone the oxidisation process and so remains closer to its natural form. It requires a lower brewing temperature and time than other teas. Over brewing or steeping at too high a temperature can lead to the tea being bitter and unpleasant and is the key reason for people disliking this truly delicious drink.  

The two principle origins of green tea, China and Japan, have very different brewing times. 

Chinese green teas are pan fired or dry heated, are also generally rolled and and can take a brew time of between 2 – 4 minutes, with an advised temperature of 75 – 85 degrees C.   

Japanese green teas which are steamed need between 1 -2 minutes at 75 – 85 degree C.   

Matcha is another preparation of green tea, primarily from Japan and you should again, use this lower temperature, although in tea ceremonies they use boiling water and it is bitter.   Unlike other green teas, matcha is mixed using a whisk and then consumed immediately.

Beware of steeping for too long and at too high a temperature as this will literally leave a bitter taste in your mouth. We have come across many people who thought that they did not like green tea as they had been steeping it as a black tea and unfortunately, once a tea has been burned, it is ruined – there is no fixing it!. To avoid that read our tried and tested brewing tips for green tea.


1. Fill the kettle with just enough water and put it on to boil. Warm the cup or pot (hot water from a tap will do).

2. Add green tea to the infuser, about 1.5 teaspoon per mug , and 1 per cup with 1 for the pot if using a teapot.

Brewing Green Tea Leaves
Brewing green tea leaves

3. Carefully pour on the water straight from the kettle when it is as the desired temperature between 75 and 85 degrees C.

Pouring water Green Tea
Pouring the water on green tea

4. Leave to brew for the correct amount of time:

Japanese tea 1-2 Minutes

Chinese tea 2-3 Minutes

Tea timer
Tea Timer

5. Remove the infuser allowing it to drain into the cup or pot and enjoy your cup of green tea!.

Brewed Green tea
Brewed green tea

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