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Here are our brewing tips for black tea.

To make a great black tea tea simply brew at 95c+ for 3 to 5 minutes dependent on taste and individual tea. The longer the brewing time the stronger the taste will be.

Black teas are the most highly oxidised teas. It needs a brewing temperature of just under boiling in order to draw out the flavour of the tea. You can buy large and small leafed black teas along with cut leaf tea. With blended teas (teas from different areas) you will find that the blenders will group leaves together in size as the brewing time will be the same which is a necessity. Cut leaf teas are tea leaves that have cut into smaller pieces and therefore require a smaller brew time to develop their flavour.

Brew time also depends on how strong you like your tea so we recommend between 3 – 5 minutes. Do not leave brewed tea leaves to stand in the water as it will ruin.

Darjeeling Black Teas. The ‘Champagne’ of the tea world, revered by tea experts the world over. Darjeeling black tea has a more delicate taste and is generally less oxidised than other black teas and so, although we recommend a brewing temperature of 95 degrees (the same as standard black tea), we recommend that the brew time is set at 3 minutes.

So here goes, here are our brewing tips for black tea :

1. Fill the kettle with just enough water and put it on to boil. Warm the cup or pot (hot water from tap will do for this).

2. Add tea to the Infuser about 1.5 teaspoon per mug and 1 per cup with 1 for the pot if using a tea pot.

Brewing Black loose leaf Tea
Brewing black loose leaf tea

3.  Carefully pour on the water straight from the boiled kettle.

Brewing Back Loose tea Pouring water
Brewing black loose leaf tea, pouring water on

4. Leave to brew for 3-5 minutes depending on taste.

Tea timer
Tea Timer

5. Remove the infuser allowing it to drain into the cup or pot and enjoy your tea.

Black Tea brewed
Black tea brewed

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