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We are sharing with you our tips for brewing loose leaf tea. If you are just making the switch to loose leaf the brewing process may feel unfamiliar. But once you know how to brew loose leaf tea it will be second nature.

These are general tips to help you. There are specific tips for Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea and Pu Erh tea. Each of these tea types have specific temperatures and times which are listed on their own pages, together with some general background information about those teas.

Here are some good tips for brewing loose leaf teas

  • Used filtered water, especially in a hard water area.
  • Fill the kettle with just enough water to make the tea. Don’t reboil water as the process of boiling it removes oxygen and that is needed to extract the best flavour.
  • Always use an infuser!. We know that granny didn’t but she put just enough tea in the pot for everyone and then drained the pot!. She then had to get rid of the leaves. These days we make a pot, remove the leaves and take from it over time.
  • Don’t leave the infuser in the water beyond the time to brew as it will ruin the tea.
  • Warm the pot or the mug with hot water. This can be from a hot tap or with a small amount from the kettle.
  • If you are using a temperature controlled kettle or tap you can set the temperature and use it before it is boiled.
  • Keep the pot warm with a tea cozy or a special tea pot warmer stand. Most tea liquors when brewed and separated from the leaf will stay delicious for a while if kept warm.

If you don’t have a temperature kettle or a thermometer it is hard to get the temperature right however this might help a bit:

  • 95 – 100c “Rolling boil” with large bubbles.
  • 90 – 95c Large bubbles rising in a line and starting to join and merge.
  • 80 – 90c Medium sized bubbles like a fizzy drink rising in a line but not joining.
  • 70 – 80c Small bubbles bubbles like fizzy wine rising from the bottom.

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