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Brewing Iced Tea

Iced Tea

Although hot tea can be refreshing even in warmer weather iced tea is a great way to enjoy your favourite infusions even on the warmest of days. Caffeine free fruit and herbal infusions are perfect for all ages but you really can use any tea you like.

With Summer just around the corner we have been asked what is the best way to make iced tea? The great news is that it is really easy and the recipe and flavour combinations are as limitless as your imagination! Read on for instructions and a few tea recommendations.

How To Brew

To get started making your own homemade iced tea simply brew your selected tea, one thing to remember is that you will need to brew your tea stronger than you would usually would as it will be watered down once the ice melts.  We would recommend using about two teaspoons of loose tea to each 200ml of water you use.

Simply brew your tea as you usually would. If you are in a hurry to drink your iced tea brew it and pour over plenty of ice, if you are making up tea for a later occasion you can allow the tea to cool on its own and add the ice when you are ready to serve it.

Once you tea is brewed and with ice then you can add your own touches, if you would like to add fruit pieces or even a little tipple why not? Iced tea cocktails are not only delicious but add a little something to any party or get together. If you have a sweet tooth or are using Black Tea, it may be an idea to add a little sugar while the tea is still hot.

Now that you know how to make your tea cooler here are some ideas for teas which would be perfect for fabulous summery iced beverages

Pink Lemonade 

A fun fab and fruity caffeine free infusion that is popular with adults and children alike. With a strong citrus flavour that tastes like pink cloudy lemonade, this infusion is ideal for hot weather. This one turns pink once brewed so looks and tastes great!


Mint tea is such a classic and well known tea when it comes to refreshment and invigoration. We have pure herbal peppermint and spearmint (also called nana mint) infusions available as well as other teas that have a hint of mint. Browse our selection to find the perfect mint tea for you.

Miami Dance

This is one of our newer fruit infusions and is already a favourite in our shop! A flavoursome mix of currants and tropical fruits this fruity number packs a punch on the tastebuds as well as visually thanks to the hibiscus blossoms that give it its deep red colour.

Moscow Mule

A superb caffeine free infusion based on the popular vodka based cocktail of the same name. This version is alcohol free but it certainly isn’t flavour free. You could enjoy this as it is or add a splash of vodka or your chosen alcohol to create a stunning tea cocktail that will go down a treat at any garden party! Made from plenty of ginger, apple, blackberry leaves, melissa, lemon balm, blueberry leaves, lemon peel, cucumber, peppermint … The ingredients are surprisingly healthful too so no need to feel guilty for indulging a little.

Raspberry Muffin

An excellent Black Tea blend that brings together the joys of tea and cake! A full but mellow Black Tea base with lots of raspberry and apple to add something extra. If using this for an iced tea it may be an idea to add a little sugar to really bring out its sweeter side, or not if you prefer!

Bancha Arigato

Something a little more delicate in flavour, but super refreshing.  If you enjoy Green Tea we would recommend giving it a try as an iced tea. This one is a Bancha Green Tea combined with rose petals, cranberries and pomegranates. All of which lend an subtle background sweetness to the infusion. Be sure to brew with the correct temperature water initially to avoid bringing out any bitterness from the leaves.

We hope this guide has helped you get started and given you a few ideas, have fun and experiment with your favourite teas! We would love to know which is your favourite. Browse our fruit tea selection for more awesome iced tea options and as always please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further advice or info.

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