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8 Exciting New Coffees!

Here at It’s Tea we love tea but are passionate about good coffee too! We maintain a selection of over 30 coffees at any given time. These include single origin, blends and flavoured coffees. We have carefully curated this collection so that there is something for every single one of our coffee lovers out there. We have 8 new exciting coffees that have arrived recently! These new coffees provide an exciting addition to our selection. So we thought we’d take a moment to share notes on each one and where they come from…

As well as carefully selecting them for flavour we also take the greatest care to make sure they are from reputable and fair sources. We think that ethical sourcing and trading from bean to cup is important and improves the experience for all involved, as well as the future of a sustainable coffee industry.

We have 8 new exciting coffees that have arrived recently! So we thought we’d take a moment to share notes on each one and where they come from…

Bolivia Cafe La Frontera 

These coffee beans are the result of a project which aims to sustain trade between Bolivia and Peru. This trade improves the living conditions for the Bolivian coffee farmers, their focus on sustainability and quality will hopefully ensure they can keep producing and selling amazing coffees like this one for many years to come. 

Bolivia Cafe La Frontera

Taste and Character –  Full on flavour that fills the mouth with a rich but smooth body. Some sweet honey and chocolate notes bolster this coffee and make it one you will want to try again and again. 

Burundi Umuco 

A coffee from the African continent, produced in the small country of Burundi.Being a small landlocked country doesn’t mean that Burundi isn’t home to a myriad of landscapes and wildlife. As well as being home to animals such as antelope, crocodiles and hippos it is also home to many coffee plantations. The terrain is suited to growing coffee, and it is one of the main incomes for the country,

This coffee is sourced from Umuco W’ikawa, a region in where an ambitious co op of farmers has formed to create a group who are passionate about creating harmony and strengthening the coffee growing community in Burundi as a whole to provide a steady income and future. The name Umuco W’ikawa means light of the coffee, because coffee production here provides a purpose and sense of positive direction.

Taste and Character – These beans have an exquisite light acidity and fruity notes to them. This coffee produces a clean light cup with plenty of heart. 

Congo Kivu 4 Lake 

Another coffee from Africa, this one is produced by a a co operation called “Muungano” the word for solidarity in Swahili. Founded in 2009 it now has more than 4000 members. The tribes from the region work together to produce fantastic coffees like this one and ensure a better livelihood for themselves and future generations.

Character and Taste-  A unique coffee and one with plenty of fruity notes like mandarin and hints of spiciness.

Honduras Copantillo

A beautiful South American coffee from Honduras, a country with both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, where coffee and bananas are big exports. The coffee industry here has grown massively in recent years , and the farmers that produce this particular coffee have benefitted from an new drying processes for the coffee beans being implemented. 

Honduras Copantillo

Taste and Character- Strong bodied yet smooth with chocolatey and nutty notes. Walnuts particularly come to mind.

Mexico Finca El Flamingo Organic

The name of this coffee is inspired by a fishing village near where it is produced which is home to many flamingos and other aquatic birds. These beans are hand washed and dried in the South Mexican state of Chiapas, a region dense with rainforest areas and a scattering of Mayan arhaelogical sites. Coffee production had become difficult due to a coffee rust but the farmers of the area formed an alliance to work together proactively to revive the industry and regenerate the soil and so far it has been a great success. Chiapas in now Mexico’sleading coffee producer, producing great coffees in increasing volumes.

Taste and Character – an indulgent yet fine coffee with notes of chocolate complimented by a sweet floral aroma.

El Salvador Finca La Reforma

Beautiful red bourbon arabica beans from a family owned farm on the volcanic slopes of Santa Ana. The family that own the plantation have been running it for 4 generations and have perfected the art of growing gorgeous coffees, even planting specific types of trees to provide shade and improve the soil quality and habitat for the local wild birds. 

El Salvador Finca La Reforma

Taste and Character- a well balanced coffee with light notes of cherry, chocolate and a few spicy notes which come through. 

Uganda Mount Rwezori AA

From the Rwenzori Mountain Range, known as the Mountains of the Moon. Most of the coffees grown in Uganda are the robusta variety, however we have been lucky enough to source these beautiful arabica beans. Grown in an area where coffee is carefully managed by the people who grow it, each coffee farmer typically tends to a 2 acre plot. You can really tell that great care has been taken in the production of this unique coffee.

Taste and Character- Beautifully bold and full of berry notes. Perfect for those who like a strong coffee, this is great as an espresso or stretched out with a little milk.

Zambia AAA

From Zambia where coffee cultivation was revolutionised with the realisation that it could be grown at lower altitudes. From the family run Mubuyu Farm, these beans are a real delight. The soil they were grown in is rich and fertile and perfect for producing beans of a high standard with great flavour!

Zambia AAA

Character and Taste- Medium bodied with long lingering floral and chocolate notes. A hint of citrus and fine mouth watering acidity. Perfect for any time of the day!

So there’s the run down on some of our newest arrivals, we have really enjoyed sourcing them and look forward to sharing them with you. You can find our full range of coffees from around there world here and our range of flavoured and smooth coffee beans here.

Find the perfect coffee for you!

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